As an update to my last post, I have made some big decisions for this blog.

I have switched to a new platform and have changed the name of this blog. All further posts will be on the new site. Posts from this blog account will not be transferred to the new site. This site will be left for any readers wishing to look back for a post. The blog's new name is Breakfast at Alyssa's. More info on the new website!



I've just launched my blog's new design, but the number of my posts will be reduced for the time being. Based on the quality of my most recent photos, some of you may have assumed that I've been using my iPhone. This is accurate. I've also been busy with the other parts of my life that I would prefer to keep private. As the number of my posts have been reduced, I would also like to take the time to find more inspiration to share with you all when I get back to regular posting.

I'll drop in a few times over my blogging hiatus to write a short post for you when I can. My blog designing services will be available while I'm away.

Goodbye for now!



Just before 2012 ends, I want to finish off the year knowing I performed a list of tasks that'll help me in the upcoming year to come. To do this, I created a list of five winter goals that I plan to complete by February 2013. The completion date is by the beginning of next year so it'll also help me ring in the new year with a productive start. Feel free to join me. Here are my five winter goals:

1. Re-organize and re-design my work space.

2. Collect more wardrobe basics and purchase more statement accessories.

3. Come up with a permanent blog design layout and create cohesive business cards.

4. Bake more sweets to share.

5. Exercise at least 4 times a week.



If you haven't noticed already, I gave the blog another makeover over the weekend. I added a new RSS feed burner and a categories section on the sidebar. I hope you love it as much as I do!



{Sophisticated sparkle}

{Updo + moody lip}

{Halloween "poison" rock candy}

{Light colors and dramatic artwork}

all photos from Pinterest




With fall here, I discovered three new hair trends of the season straight from the runway photos. All photos from Pinterest.

1. Texture
Lots of texture creates a modern, effortless addition to any look.

Isabel Marant

2. Clean and polished
This look seems the most dramatic. This is a hair trend any woman (regardless of age or physical appearance) can easily pull off.

Jason Wu

3. Sleek ponytails
This is my favorite trend this fall. I think it's one of those things that has a simple concept, but can be as elaborate as you want it to be.

Marc Jacobs