I'm not so big on breakfast, but when I am, I always love omelets and old-fashioned bacon. Café Bonaparte was the place where I had my very first crab benedict (or benedict, in general). Every time breakfast comes up at my house, I can't stop thinking about the crab benedict. So, I decided to create my own breakfast with crab in it. I'm not such a fan of poached eggs (the yolks!), so I decided to create my own crab egg white omelet.

Ingredients: 1-2 cups of lump crab meat, 4 egg whites, some green onion, and a dash of salt and pepper

1/ On medium-high heat, drizzle some canola or vegetable oil (olive oil evaporates too quickly) on your skillet or pan. Once the oil has been heated, sauté your crab meat in the same skillet/pan. Sprinkle salt and pepper on on crab meat and then mix around for about 2 minutes.

2/ Stir in your chopped green onion. Pour your egg whites into the skillet/pan.

3/ Once the bottom of the omelet is cooked (2-3 minutes), flip the omelet and let it cook on the other side for another 2-3 minutes.

4/ Serve on an english muffin (as seen in the photos), bagel, or toast. Enjoy!



AaReAn said...

not sure if its my prego self talking but my gosh I think I could eat this every meal! Looks delish!

Come on over and follow along my colorful blog...I think you'd really like it (but maybe I'm a little bias?! haha)


Alyssa said...

Thank you! It turns out, I already follow your lovely blog. :)