First of all, I've loved lemonade my whole life. It's always on my favorite drink list (along with tea, margaritas, and Italian soda). I make lemonade religiously every summer and I love to mix it up by adding different fruit or herbs for flavoring. Here, I added strawberry and melon. I make the lemonade fresh before I make each drink and add it to each glass with the fruit mixture.

For the lemonade, I don't usually pay attention or follow a specific ratio of lemon juice to sugar. Just find a balance. And once you have a concentrate, add water. Bonus: sparkling water.

Ingredients: Fruit(s) of choice, lemonade

1/ Muddle your fruit with a wooden spoon in your cup until it is your desired size and has released the juices.

2/ Pour your lemonade  over the muddled fruit and stir. Add mint leaves for garnish. Enjoy!



Andrea said...

omg perfect for entertaining in the summer.

Alyssa said...

I agree! :)