When it comes to cards and stationery, I prefer homemade. Homemade stationery provide a customizable way to send a message. For mine, I painted the cards with watercolor paint and wrote little messages and pictures with glitter.

Materials: Pre-measured blank cards, watercolor paint, water, glue pen, glitter, iron

1/ Lay your cards on a flat surface and paint the entire outer part of each card using your watercolor paint and water.

2/ Let your cards dry. They will be all curled up. Iron your cards out to flatten them.

3/ Use your glue pen and write messages or designs on each card.

4/ Dump glitter over the design or message made by the glue. Once the design or message is covered, pour the glitter off of the design and onto a piece of paper. Fold the piece of paper, and pour back into the glitter tube for reuse.


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Gayle said...

This is pretty! Watercolor and glitter are two of my favorite things.