1/ Put my plan to create an herb garden in my backyard into action.
2/ Take a quick trip to New York.
3/ Have a close friend over for a summer lunch.
4/ Buy a simple maxi dress.
5/ Spend one whole day watching movies in my pajamas.
6/ Read and finish an inspirational or informational book.
7/ Re-paint my rain-rusted bike to a bright summery color.
8/ Wear my old beach hat that hasn't been worn since two years ago.
9/ Begin my search for the summer dress of my dreams.
10/ Have a picnic.
11/ Go on a road trip.
12/ Lose a few pounds.
13/ Continue on my search for the "best burger."
14/ Try out a new hairstyle.
15/ Fully watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (the first time I watched it I wasn't really paying attention and the second time, I fell asleep).


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