Being a huge type A, I can never function efficiently when there's a mess around me. I always like something a certain way - clean, neat, organized, and pretty. Here's my guide to doing just that.

Pencil and pen holders. I can't just have one pencil or pen. Pencils, pens, and markers are separated into two holders. Pens get their own holder and anything that isn't a pen (pencils, markers, paintbrushes, highlighters, glue stick, etc.), go into a separate holder.

I like to showcase little trinkets or souvenirs I've collected from trips around empty spaces. In this photo, the empty space is above my magazines and publications (which are organized by date) and the souvenirs are a little glass dome with figurines and an amethyst geode.

I use this white bucket with colorful stripes to hide smaller things. It has dividers inside that separate a few things from other few things. Again, my souvenirs (gold buddha: China, eiffel tower: Paris) have a place to be next to the bucket.

This basket was originally dark wood. With some bright pink paint, I transformed it into a color pop. I keep cameras and photography items inside. Another souvenir (wooden colored pencils in floral mug: Costa Rica) sits beside it.

Books are alphabetized by the author's last name. A tiny buddha from China sits in the nook of a few books.


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