One of the many things I've learned while blogging is that, it is not easy. A lot of work, time, and effort goes into a blog. I think the most difficult part is the beginning - starting a blog. Here are my how-to and tips on how to start a blog.

Choosing a theme is the most important key to starting a blog. It is your foundation and you can't go without it. Be sure you choose a theme that you love and are passionate about (ex. Fashion, Arts & Crafts, Style, Lifestyle, and Food). It's easier to write and post about what you truly love as oppose to what you think you should write about (it'll come off as inauthentic).

Your layout is the first thing a reader sees so it is important that it gives off your style and makes a statement. It should look neat and organized, but still personalized or custom to your style. If you can't create your own layout, you should work with for a blog or web designer that has a similar style to yours.

My personal style is clean, streamlined, modern with a vintage twist. I've had experience both working with a blog designer and mostly designing my own layouts. Personally, I prefer creating my own layouts since I'm very particular. I have even started my own blog/web designing business out of it.

I've had trouble finding my own voice when I first began blogging. I think it was because I felt like I needed to sound like every other blogger. Soon enough, I realized that I needed to find my own voice to set myself apart. The secret is  to just be yourself. Write as if you were writing to a close friend or family member. Your voice should also potentially create a connection with your readers.

Being honest, I hadn't really started networking since a few months ago. But I've seen a change in the number of followers I have since then. One way is simple: comment. Leave comments on other peoples' blogs and your audience will find you. Secondly, don't be afraid to email or reach out to other bloggers. They will reply and offer up their advice.

Each post should be even better than the last. Never stop improving. If you really put in some effort and time into what you do, your readers will take notice of that. If you have some spare time, work on your photography skills or plan posts.

The next step is really maintaining your blog and letting yourself be inspired. Keep your mind open to ideas. I love to organize ideas through Pinterest because it's easy and fun. I always set aside time to read other blogs and posts to keep me inspired.


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